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A ponderous attempt to breathe new life into a money-minting franchise that has already been milked for three American features — in addition to innumerable films, comics, novels and games in its native Japan — Nicholas Pesce's The Grudge is so distant from its source material (the first seed of which appeared in 1998) that it might cause viewers to ask what was so special about the modern J-Horror phenomenon in the first place. Nearly devoid of scares for the casual horror consumer, it will likely elicit a respectful dismissal from genre connoisseurs: "We get what you're trying to do," they might gently say to the filmmakers. "It didn't work."
Extremely studious about its setting, the film throws giant timestamps onscreen until it's confident we'll keep up with a narrative that hops back and forth across two years, watching as a deathless evil links the fates of strangers at different points in time. These markers are helpful. But elsewhere, constant reminders of a cursed house's address look like desperate attempts to make 44 Reyburn Drive as iconic as room 237 at the Overlook Hotel or 221B Baker Street.

This Pennsylvania home was first haunted in 2004, when a woman named Fiona Landers (Tara Westwood) returned home early from a job in Tokyo. She was mightily creeped out by her time there, and, as we watch the trash bag that quietly begins to breathe as she stands beside it, so are we. Treasure that scare, viewer, because it's the pic's most novel image by far. Fiona comes home to her loving husband and their daughter Melinda (Zoe Fish). Something terrible is about to happen there, but the movie wants to introduce a slew of other characters before telling us exactly what.