The Courier 2020 Dual Audio ORG Hindi and English 430p full hd 400 mb

The title character played by Olga Kurylenko is trapped in a parking garage protecting a witness from Manning’s minions. Unarmed at first, she concocts effective ways of dispatching murderous men on her tail.
“Hey courier,” exclaims a mercenary with a cheesy Australian accent, “you killed a good friend of mine.” His anger sounds like that of someone who’s now going to miss a date at the local Outback Steakhouse.

Dermot Mulroney almost literally phones in his role as an American agent, while William Moseley, as the garage-assault-coordinating henchman, chews the scenery with vigor — especially impressive since it’s almost entirely concrete. “This is not a joke,” his character is obliged to bellow near the end, and it almost makes you sad, because it is.